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Shaquille O’Neal cops to passing gas in elevator at Super Bowl 50


A humorous video began making the rounds on the Internet right from Super Bowl 50 that featured the enormous Shaquille O’Neal trying to squeeze his massive frame into an already-jam-packed elevator at Levi’s Stadium on Feb. 7.

It turns out that the most amusing part of the video would have required Smell-o-Vision, so says O’Neal … although in light of the claim he made during his weekly podcast Monday, “amusing” may not be the appropriate word.

O’Neal’s co-host John Kindcade quizzed him on the video and the NBA legend revealed he may have been engaging in some pretty stinky shenanigans (as transcribed by

Host: “OK, you just got back into town. … The elevator thing that you did.”

Shaq: “What elevator thing?

Host: “You crammed into the elevator at the Super Bowl.”

Shaq: “No, I didn’t cram into no elevator.”

Host: “What are you talking about? There were people taking pictures of Shaq in an elevator.”

Shaq: “Oh there were. I didn’t know that.”

Host: “Yes, It’s all over the Internet. … It says, ‘Shaquille crams into an elevator,’ and all the people are taking pictures and you can see the expressions on peoples’ faces.”

Shaq: “Oh, I didn’t know that. … I didn’t see it.”

Host: “Yeah, you crammed into an elevator and this one lady has a face that looks like you farted. She makes a face like, ‘Are you serious?'”

Shaq: “You know what? I did. I farted. … Yes, I did.”

Host: “And your back is to the door. And you’re crammed in there and there it was.”

Shaq: “Yep, it was me. … I did fart.”

Host: “And that one lady’s face. It was like she caught a big whiff of it.”

Shaq: “Yeah, she caught me!”

There’s no legitimate way to confirm whether or not O’Neal actually cut the cheese in the elevator. But the fact that he copped to it means the line “Whoever denied it, supplied it” cannot be used on him in this instance. Which for some reason or another is an encouraging thing. Or something.