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Mets closer Jeurys Familia recording his own entrance song


New York Mets closer Jeurys Familia is going his own way when it comes to the music that will be blasted at Citi Field when he leaves the bullpen and makes his way to the mound by actually recording his very own entrance song.

In a piece for The Players’ Tribune, Familia reveals he spent some time in the studio with legendary bachata musician Zacarías Ferreíra to lay down a wholly original track before heading down to Florida for spring training.

“For the past few days, Zacarías and I have been in the studio in New York collaborating on a brand new tune — my 2016 entrance music,” he wrote in the essay. “We’re still working on it, but trust me, it’s going to be something special. So stay tuned … this year, when I come in from the bullpen, if I’m not dancing, I’ll be singing along to the music.”

As noted by Familia, the song is still not yet completed and with the closer on Tuesday arriving at Tradition Field for Mets spring training — he reportedly will begin throwing and working out Wednesday — it’s apparently going to require some after-hours work to get his song ready to roll for the 2016 MLB season.

Still, given the incredible amount of attention that a player’s walk-up song and a pitcher’s entrance tune garners in today’s Major League Baseball — the craze that ensued after Josh Reddick started using “Careless Whisper” a few years back is one example — the fact that Familia is upping the ante by laying down his own track won’t go unnoticed by his fellow ballplayers. Expect other major leaguers to follow suit sooner rather than later.