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Independent league baseball team to wear emoji jerseys (pic)


The Kalamazoo Growlers, a Michigan-based independent team playing in the Northwoods League, a collegiate summer baseball organization, has announced an extra-special event planned for the 2016 season:

During a game against the Rockford Rivets on Aug. 13, the players will sport jerseys featuring a virtual treasure trove of emojis on an evening dubbed “Emojersey Night.”

It merits noting that the Growlers are the very same outfit that two years ago came up with “Salute to Selfie Night” so it all makes sense in a way.

As noted in the above tweet, Growlers fans have the chance to vote on which emojis will be featured on the jersey (via the Growlers’ official site):

Fans can choose from over 100 emojis listed on the team’s website ( along with the ability to submit emojis of their choice. The votes will be tallied and the top 25 emojis will be placed on the team’s official jersey that night. One random voter will receive a free Emojersey and 5-game pack along with five (5) voters receiving the team’s 5-game pack that includes tickets to the Emojersey Night.

While the “Emojersey Night” moniker is indeed clever, something about the name elicits the impression that the jerseys would feature some skinny, black-haired twenty-something guy wearing tight, drab clothes and rocking eyeliner.

The Growlers nevertheless should be commended for coming up with such an interesting concept, especially given the great lengths minor/independent league baseball teams are willing to go when coming up with off-the-wall, wild and wacky ways to promote a team.

However, the argument alternatively could be forwarded that “Emojersey Night” is simply yet another sign that we continue to plunge down a steepening slope in the decline of Western Civilization.

Winky happy face. Or something.