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J.J. Watt receives custom-brewed beer from Guinness (pics)


Every year, J.J. Watt takes a group of friends from high school on some kind of awesome trip as way to thank them for “being loyal” and for giving him a chance “to be a normal guy because they don’t treat me like a superstar.”

“They treat me like the normal guy that I am,” the Houston Texans defensive standout added in praise of his high school pals.

Yep, a normal guy … except a so-called “normal guy” doesn’t usually receive a specially brewed beer bearing his NFL jersey number when he pays a visit to the St. James Gate Brewery in Dublin, Ireland, where Guinness Draught is made.

ESPN’s Darren Rovell reached out to Watt across the pond in Dublin and asked him how in the world Guinness bestowed upon him such an honor.

“I’m not sure how they knew I was a fan,” Watt told Rovell. “I would assume maybe ‘The Dan Patrick Show,’ when I talked about Guinness or from one of my Twitter Q&A’s when I said Guinness was my favorite beer.”

Watt added he became a huge Guinness fan when he visited Dublin three years ago and that he received “a decent supply of bottles,” something “they didn’t ask for anything in return.”

Yep, a “normal guy,” indeed.