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8-year-old Panthers fan writes adorable letter to Cam Newton


Cam Newton said on Tuesday that he is a sore loser in order to explain his heavily criticized conduct at his press conference following the Carolina Panthers’ loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50.

An eight-year-old Panthers fan named Stephen Graham saw how disappointed and dejected Newton was at his post-Super Bowl presser so he decided to write a letter to his favorite NFL player.

“Dear Cam Newton, I’m sorry you lost, but here is a paper trofy,” Graham adorably wrote in his note to the Panthers quarterback.

As noted in his letter, the thoughtful young fan also made a paper “trofy” for Newton (via WFMY-TV):


Graham explained in a television interview why he felt compelled to write a letter to Newton.

“He’s my friend,” he said. “I just felt like it would make him a littler happier … When a friend falls down, the other friend always picks him up.”

Newton isn’t the first NFL player this postseason to have young fans try to lift their spirits after a disappointing playoff performance. And given some of the letters written to (or about) Newton throughout his MVP season, this one definitely is one of the more friendly and supportive ones.