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Cam Newton erotic novella, ‘Dabbin’ with Cam,’ released on Amazon


With much of the talk concerning Cam Newton revolving around his relatively short and curt comments following the Carolina Panthers’ loss to the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 — not to mention the defiant tone he took when conceding that he’s a “sore loser,”recent news on the more whimsically provocative side of things arguably is a much welcomed distraction.

In the grand — and steamy — tradition of the Rob Gronkowski-themed erotic novella entitled, “A Gronking to Remember,” a similarly racy tome has surfaced on the virtual bookshelves on Amazon that uses Newton as its main character.

Entitled “Dabbin’ with Cam,” in a nod to his celebratory touchdown dance routines — and then some — the book boasts the following description, which centers around a woman conveniently named Caroline:

Caroline’s life is passing her by while she grinds away at her office job.

That all changes when Caroline’s friend, Emily, secretly enters her in a contest to win tickets to the Big Game…and she wins!

Next thing she knows, Caroline is rubbing shoulders with VIPs, celebrities, and hot guys on the red carpet at all the parties surrounding the Big Game.

After an unfortunate mishap during the game, Caroline finds herself lost, humiliated, and about to be arrested, until an event from the game brings the game from the field right into Caroline’s lap.

And that’s not the only thing that falls in Caroline’s lap. Caroline finds herself in the Panthers locker room face to face with MVP Cam Newton.

The description proceeds to get a whole lot racier from that point, so the remainder arguably is best left to one’s respective imagination … or completely disregarded altogether.

The book comes in at 45 pages, so it would be a quick read, which for all intents and purposes probably is for the best.