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John Scott’s NHL All-Star Game Odyssey: Now in storybook form


To say that the Odyssey John Scott experienced en route to an appearance and captaincy at the 2016 NHL All-Star Game last week would be a understatement of Greek epic proportions.

And while he relished each and every moment leading up to his MVP-winning performance at the league’s annual showcase, there were pitfalls along the way, something the Arizona Coyotes-turned-Montreal Canadiens minor leaguer chronicled in an essay published by The Players’ Tribune.

For those still playing catch-up concerning how a career enforcer — or “goon” in less flattering terminology — rode a groundswell of grassroots support from fans (albeit in jest) to an All-Star Game appearance, a freelance writer and artist has created a storybook version of Scott’s unprecedented journey.

“The Legend of John Scott: The Storybook Version” debuted this week online and it wonderfully chronicles Scott’s All-Star experience, from its awkward beginnings to a triumphant conclusion, all done with great illustrations and colorful prose.

Written and illustrated by Katy Polo, a huge hockey fan, she explained what inspired her to come up with the storybook.

“The entirety of the situation read like a book or Disney movie. For someone who loves to write, it didn’t take too long to piece it together in a ‘storybook’ form,” she told Yahoo’s Puck Daddy.

Some samplings from the storybook (via

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First a tribute snowman, reported interest in turning his story into a movie and now this storybook. It’s good to be John Scott. Just as it arguably should be.