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Rangers fan honors Mark Messier, remembers 9/11 in one tattoo (pic)


In a kind of tattoo that just begs the question, “What exactly was your motivation?”, a New York Rangers fan simultaneously — and strangely — paid tribute to the iconic Mark Messier and the tragic events of 9/11 in one bizarre piece of body art.

Um, okay.

Somehow, someway, this guy has had the image of the Twin Towers — with some kind of explosion occurring near the bottom of the buildings — inked into his back with the “MESSIER” above them being reflected to read “MESSIAH” in a smoke cloud.

As noted by The Big Lead’s Stephen Douglas, Messier led the Rangers to a Stanley Cup Finals victory in 1994 and the tragedy of 9/11 occurred seven years and a handful of months later. It’s stupefying unclear how these two things relate to the other, but apparently this guy has made some kind of connection, albeit a patently absurd one.

Suffice to say, he would have been far better off reproducing this classically hilarious locker room photograph of Messier and Gary Coleman.