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Matt Harvey says he once mistook Jacob deGrom for a woman


Matt Harvey has been making the rounds on the talk show circuit over the past few weeks and his latest stop was a sit-down on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” And while the New York Mets pitcher didn’t say anything as salacious as what he revealed during last week’s appearance on Bravo’s trashy gabfest “Watch What Happens Live,” he did mention how he originally mistook fellow starting pitcher Jacob DeGrom for a woman upon their first encounter.

The Mets promoted the then-rookie DeGrom to the big leagues on May 12, 2014. When Harvey first saw DeGrom, the young pitcher’s long hair resulted in a comical case of mistaken identity.

“I walked in the locker room and was getting ready to prepare myself for whatever it was I had to do and I was surprised,” he said, via the New York Post. “I’m looking at someone sitting on a chair and all I can see is long hair running down the back. I thought it was a woman. But he’s got some flow.”


Meyers later prodded Harvey about his personal life, specifically how he has a penchant for dating gorgeous supermodels from time to time.

“How did I know this question would come up?” he said. “Every married guy on my team asks me to tell them my stories. … I pitch once every five days, and they want to know what I do on my other four.

“I’m young and I’m having fun.”

Indeed he is.

(image via Lloyd Bishop/NBC)