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Broncos wideout: Peyton Manning’s throws soft ‘like Charmin’


The Denver Broncos stormed to a 12-4 record despite Peyton Manning’s erratic play early on and how his injuries prompted the inexperienced Brock Osweiler to replace the veteran. The players arguably most impacted by Manning sitting and Osweiler starting and then Manning replacing Osweiler in the second-half of the team’s regular season finale were the wide receivers.

The entire contingent of Broncos wideouts were polled on Wednesday about what it was like to go from the soft tosses typical of Manning at this late stage in his career to the rocket-armed Osweiler and then having to make a readjustment back to Manning.

“It was kind of tough,” Andre Caldwell told Around the NFL on Wednesday, via “You know, Brock throws a harder ball than Peyton. So it’s a little bit of a transition, but our job is to catch the ball no matter who’s throwing it.”

Demaryius Thomas noted there was a “little adjustment” involved, but praised both Manning and Osweiler while noting the latter has “more velocity, hands down.”

Emmanuel Sanders, meanwhile, downplayed the significance of who’s throwing the ball.

“Obviously, the football’s still the same size,” he said. “I know a lot of people made a lot out of that, but my job is to catch the football, run routes and get open. So, I’m going to do my job, regardless. I don’t care if (third-stringer) Trevor Siemian is our quarterback, I’m just doing my job.”

And while all the receivers were diplomatic in their critiques of both quarterbacks, perhaps the most illustrative comment came from Caldwell, who used an interesting analogy to describe a ball thrown by Manning.

“We call it tissue,” he said of a Manning-tossed ball. “It might be coming hard, but when it touches your hand, it’s soft, it’s easy to catch, it’s like Charmin tissue.”

While it may come of as an insulting criticism of Manning’s lack of arm strength, it seems Caldwell is merely emphasizing the incredible touch the veteran quarterback still possesses, especially given that he prefaces his comment with saying the ball may be “coming hard.”