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Broncos fan duped out of $6,000 in Craigslist Super Bowl ticket scam


A Denver Broncos fan was duped out of $6,000 when he responded to a Craigslist ad purportedly selling two tickets to Super Bowl 50, only to instead receive envelopes filled with blank pieces of paper.

The victim of the scam is Cody Sudmeier, who spoke to FOX31 Denver about his extremely disappointing experience.

“But I honestly thought, yeah, the tickets are going to be real,” he said. “There’s nobody that would go through these lengths knowing that the purchase is protected.”

Sudmeier, as he alludes to in his comments, used PayPal Protected to purchase the tickets so his $6,000 will be refunded, pending the outcome of an investigation by PayPal.

The Denver police have tracked a suspect in the scam — who allegedly used this method on at least one other occasion — to a man in Kansas. They have issued a warning to Broncos fans to be wary of any potential purchases of Super Bowl 50 tickets.

While that’s all well and good, it won’t get Sudmeier to Santa Clara, Calif., on Sunday to watch his beloved Broncos face the Carolina Panthers in Levi’s Stadium.