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Fan wants seat so close that Stephen Curry’s ‘sweat drips on me’


Stephen Curry without a doubt is one of the biggest stars in the NBA and he and the Golden State Warriors are huge draws when they hit the road and visit other arenas. But one clearly rabid Curry fan recently posted an ad on Craigslist seeking a ticket to Wednesday’s Warriors road game against the Washington Wizards graphically illustrates just how much this particular person wants an up-close-and-very-personal peek at their sharpshooting hero.

The headline of said listing notes that the fan wants seats “Preferably close enough to pinch his a**.” If that wasn’t enough, here’s the entire listing, which can be seen here (via Dime Mag):

Looking for 2 tickets to Wednesday nights (2/3) Golden State Warriors vs. Washington Wizards game at the Verizon center. Willing to sell my soul. Would like tickets in the lower 100 sections with an unobstructed view of Steph Curry, possibly close enough that a bead of his sweat drips on me as he runs by.

If you have any available, please contact me!

Alrighty then.

The fan in question notes in the listing that they are willing to pay upwards of $300 for the tickets. Given that 100 level tickets are being offered on StubHub for anywhere from $250 to almost $700 — and those aren’t even in the first few rows — odds are this individual’s bizarre wish to have Curry sweat on them will go unfulfilled, even if they land tickets for the $300 price.

Although that may be best for everyone involved. Especially one Stephen Curry. Because, um, creepy.