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Peyton Manning jokingly addresses ‘last rodeo’ comment


One of the central story lines heading into Super Bowl 50 not surprisingly concerns the uncertain future of Peyton Manning and whether next Sunday’s game might very well be his last.

The Denver Broncos quarterback was peppered with questions Monday about his potentially looming retirement, specifically as it relates to what was supposed to be a private conversation between himself and Bill Belichick following the AFC Championship Game when microphones picked up Manning saying something about this postseason run being his “last rodeo.”

When asked about his comments to the New England Patriots head coach, Manning jokingly downplayed them, saying that he will indeed pursue a career in actual rodeos.

“I’m going to go participate in rodeos now. I’ve got the lasso,” Manning said Monday, via Eye on Football. “You’ve totally missed the point.”

With the kidding and joking out of the way, Manning turned more philosophical, saying that no matter how things play out, he wanted to make sure he spoke with both Belichick and Tom Brady following the Broncos’ win in the AFC title game, just in case.

“I told Brady the same thing, previously to telling Belichick. I understand there are people out there. But I understand this really could be it and I wanted to tell both of them I really have enjoyed these games,” he said. “It’s been a part of my football life. It’s been good for me and not so good for me. Hey, Brady’s going to play until he’s 70. Belichick’s going to coach until he’s 90. Maybe I’ll hit the fountain of youth sometime in the month and we’ll play 10 more championships against each other.

“But just in case we don’t, I took the time to tell them man-to-man, looked them in the eye and shook their hands and I’m glad I did that because it’s important to me they knew it.”

With reports indicating that Manning has told close friends that Super Bowl 50 will be his last game, it appears the soon-to-be 40-year-old made a wise choice in speaking personally to his longtime rivals about his career being at its likely end.