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LeBron James won’t discuss Myles Turner’s block on dunk attempt


LeBron James refused to discuss the impressive block unleashed by Indiana Pacers forward Myles Turner on one of his dunk attempts during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 111-106 overtime victory on Monday.

When asked by an Indiana-based reporter what he thought of Turner’s overall play, James made it clear he wasn’t interested in going too far with his praise … or say anything much at all.

“He’s good,” James quipped.

While it makes sense that James wouldn’t want to address a play when he was rebuffed at the rim in such an emphatic manner, but there’s actually more to it than just. As noted in a report from Northeast Ohio Media Group’s Chris Haynes that James has made it a practice at times going back to last season and into the 2015-16 campaign not to discuss players on opposing teams.

Following his two-word sound bite about Turner, James apparently felt compelled to explain why he wouldn’t elaborate.

“I’m actually not answering questions too much about other players right now,” he said. “It’s nothing against your question. It’s just the zone I’m in right now.”

Additional instances of James’ being standoffish when asked about opponents are cited by Haynes in his report, including when James couldn’t have made it clearer his lack of interest in answering an inquiry about Kawhi Leonard following a game against the San Antonio Spurs in January.

“Is that like a trick question?” James replied before expanding upon his terse response that had little to do with the reporter’s original question.

While James will go off script to discuss certain players, it appears Monday’s comments should serve as a warning to beat writers and the like for other NBA teams to not even bother asking him about the players they cover.