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Serena Williams ‘fan’ shows up at match in blackface (pic)


A pair of supposed Serena Williams fans showed up to one of the tennis star’s Australian Open matches holding a sign imploring her to “Keep Calm and Be Serena.”

If only someone with half a brain would have counseled these two obviously confused tennis fans about the heinous and unacceptable practice of showing up at sporting events sporting blackface.

While the brunette in this “Dumber and Dumbest” duo appears to only have used some black paint to decorate her cheeks, her blonde partner-in-racial-insensitivity-crime covered her entire face in it.

Not much can be said regarding the stupefying stupidity of donning blackface in any situation that hasn’t been said before. But to think there remains halfwits in the world who actually believe they are paying tribute to a sports star by wearing blackface — and this kind of ridiculousness occurs with alarming frequency (see here and here) — is utterly mind-blowing.

Although having it happen on only one occasion would have been one too many.