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Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook address Steph Curry’s guarantee


Stephen Curry already had his sights set on Super Bowl Sunday and potentially celebrating a championship for his beloved Carolina Panthers when he boldly guaranteed a Golden State Warriors victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder the night before.

“It’ll be a good 48 hours — a win and a win,” Curry said, via Bay Area News Group.

Shockingly, the well-in-advance prediction by Curry — although winning at a 91 percent clip after 46 games lends credence to his guarantee — hasn’t sat well with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, although the two responded to inquiries about the guarantee in very different ways.

Durant is much more verbose than his Thunder superstar counterpart, so he spoke at length about the slight.

“Man, I don’t pay attention to that (expletive),” he said, via a tweet from ESPN’s Royce Young. “We play tonight. We’ll see. We play tonight, we still gotta play the game tonight. We got those guys coming up. What else he supposed to say? They’re everybody’s uh … I’m just going to leave it at that.”

Westbrook, meanwhile, is known for a much more surly demeanor when dealing with the media. So his response to Curry’s brazen guarantee was perfectly in character, as he gave the reporter who asked the question the stink eye before trying to ignore the question.

As Durant stated, what else was Curry supposed to say about the game? The same goes for him and Westbrook.

Whatever the case, the showdown between two of the top teams in the West should serve as a nice prime-time, nationally televised sports appetizer heading into Super Bowl Sunday.