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Russell Wilson uses Google Search results to woo Ciara?


Russell Wilson frequently takes to social media to pay compliment to girlfriend Ciara, and the colorful words, romantic phrases and sweet nothings he coos to her via the written word never fail to ooze with eloquent poetry.

The Seattle Seahawks quarterback used Woman Crush Wednesday to issue his latest declaration of love for Ciara, as seen below.

And here’s where the trouble begins.

An intrepid follower of Wilson somehow traced back his sticky sweet social media missives via a Google Search back to a website, on which some his tweeted words could be found nearly verbatim.

The Google Search terms? “How to describe a beautiful woman.”


Even worse, as pointed out by Deadspin, this wasn’t the only time that Wilson recently utilized such a hackneyed method to help articulate his feelings for Ciara via the typed word.

AM #WCW … Her hair plunged over her shoulders & it was midnight black… @Ciara

A photo posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on

And it was copy from the same website as the one utilized in his tweet.


Double awkward.