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Hannah Davis laughs off ‘stupid’ gift bag story about Derek Jeter


Hannah Davis did her very best to shoot down the urban legend about how fiancé Derek Jeter used to give romantic conquests a gift bag on their way out the door of his bachelor pad.

The supermodel was making an appearance on Dallas radio to promote her role in Lifetime’s new series “Project Runway: Junior” when the hosts asked her about the much ballyhooed story about Jeter’s proclivity for passing out a so-called parting gift to one-night stands.

“I never received a gift basket, that’s all I can tell you,” Davis said on Shan & RJ on 105.3 The Fan while uncomfortably laughing, via TMZ. “It’s really sad that anyone could believe something that’s such a stupid story and makes no sense. I mean, what are you gonna do?”

For what it’s worth, Jeter previously put the kibosh on the arguably ludicrous gift basket rumor, saying, “Who comes up with a story like that?”

Davis also mentioned during the interview how committed the couple is to keeping their private lives private, something Jeter valued immensely during his major league career. This protective philosophy has continued in his retirement, as evidenced by how he refused to divulge any information about his rumored engagement to Davis until he was good and ready to do so.