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Gilbert Arenas posts insulting comments about Flint water crisis

Gilbert Arenas has developed an unsavory and unflattering reputation for posting controversial and insensitive comments on social media. But even by his lowly standards, the former NBA player went way too far on Wednesday with insulting and reprehensible posts about the devastating water crisis in Flint, Mich.

Unedited screengrabs — and therefore, viewer discretion is advised —  of the three posts in which Arenas insults the women of Flint in a crass manner can be seen here, but what follows are edited versions of two of them, as transcribed by Sporting News.

“Am I the only dude blocking any girl from Flint right now? Hahahahah. Sorry ladies, but your dirtiness is public. You’ve been washing your a— with dirty lead water for months. Can’t be f—ing no [dirty women]. Hit me when you move to 8 Mile.”

“I see all the chicks from Flint is mad at me. I don’t know why. Nobody told you too post ya’ll bath water, s— looking like ya’ll about to brew tea.”

The third Instagram post featured a photograph of a pile of money that Arenas says he is donating for demeaning reasons.

Perhaps recognizing the unforgivable folly of his clueless, tasteless and classless commentary, Arenas’ Instagram page has since been taken down. Although given his track record, probably not. Perhaps then it was taken down by someone in his inner circle with more sensitivity than he could possibly possess.

In an sentiment many will likely agree, good riddance.