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Brandon Marshall: ‘What is Cam Newton on?’


New York Jets wide receiver Brandon Marshall, like many who have been marveling at Cam Newton’s exploits this season and into the playoffs, cannot believe what he’s been seeing out of the Carolina Panthers quarterback.

After witnessing Newton run roughshod over the helpless Arizona Cardinals defense in the Panthers’ 49-15 blowout victory in the NFC Championship Game, Marshall was left utterly flabbergasted over Newton’s 335-yard, two-touchdown performance, one in which he also rushed for 47 yards and added two more touchdowns on the ground.

“First of all, what is Cam Newton on?” he said during Tuesday’s airing of “Inside the NFL,” via “What I saw in that game was this guy’s energy level. And it wasn’t [just] throughout this whole game, but it was the whole¬†year, the entire year. There was one time he picked up a first down [on Sunday], and he celebrated for 10 seconds. I thought this dude was just doing this only when he scored touchdowns. This is amazing.”

Suggesting that Newton is “playing his position like it’s never been played before,” Marshall added there’s no other player more deserving of being named MVP.

Marshall pointed out Newton’s greatest attribute might be how he’s been able to extract career years out of players and that he deserves all the credit for it.

“The thing about Cam, he’s making his team better,” he said. “Ted Ginn, he is making Ted look like Jerry Rice. I mean, this guy is phenomenal. [Ginn] is having a great year. He’s had over 10 touchdowns, and it’s all because of Cam Newton.”

Newton’s leadership style, infectious personality and passionate zeal for the game — as evidenced by his oft-criticized touchdown celebrations, among other things — without a doubt inspires his teammates. And despite all the naysayers and critics, there’s no chance Newton will change how he approaches the game anytime soon.