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Peyton Manning to Bill Belichick: Super Bowl might be last game (vid)


Peyton Manning appeared to tell Bill Belichick after the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots in the AFC Championship Game that Super Bowl 50 may in fact be the last game of his NFL career.

As cameras and reporters mobbed the field as players, coaches and the like exchanged post-game pleasantries, audio was picked up detailing some of what Manning had to say to Belichick.

“Hey listen, this might be my last rodeo,” Manning tells Belichick. “So, it sure has been a pleasure.”

Nothing would be more fitting for Manning than to secure his legacy-bolstering second Super Bowl victory in two weeks and then retire on top. It matters little that the 39-year-old is now considered nothing more than a “game manager,” a cliched term that ignores the fact that if the Broncos are hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy following the game, Manning played an important part in it.

Nothing of course is guaranteed and no one knows what Manning will decide concerning his future until he definitively says so himself during the offseason. But his message to Belichick certainly indicates that regardless of the outcome of Super Bowl 50, it may be the last time we see one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play the position play in a game.