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Only two Cardinals fans showed up to welcome team home (vid)


Arizona Cardinals fans obviously were left utterly disappointed — and probably a little shell-shocked — in the wake of their favorite team’s 49-15 blowout loss to the Carolina Panthers in Sunday’s NFC Championship Game. But that didn’t stop two fans from journeying to the airport to welcome the team home and to celebrate what was a great season.

DJ Michael Gonzales and Ana Rojas apparently were the only fans who weren’t overcome with despair over the stunning loss, so the two waved and thanked players as they left in their cars.

“It’s a little sad to see them coming back in a different situation, you know, because last time when they came back from Philadelphia it was happier,” said Gonzales, via 12 News.

“They were grateful,” said Rojas. “They rolled down their windows and said thank you, waved, all of them waved, thumbs up, it was cool.”

While it would have been nicer had more fans showed up, Gonzales nevertheless felt it was the right thing to do.

“That’s the least we could do as fans, show some support, even if it was just only two out here,” he said. “I bet it felt great just to see two faces out here, rather than no faces out here.”

Rojas told the television station that true fans remain loyal no matter how unfortunate and disappointing the circumstances.

“The fans love you no matter what,” she said. “Win or lose, we’re still Bird Gang. We still love you guys and we thank you for such an awesome season. It was a wonderful season.”