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Did Byron Scott threaten to fight trolling fan on Instagram? (pic)


A person using Los Angeles Lakers head coach Byron Scott’s Instagram account appeared to threaten a fan who engaged in some trolling in the comments section of a post published from his account.

A video post last week was published in which Scott is shown doing some training in boxing gloves.

A video posted by Byron Scott (@byronscott_4) on

The video elicited some snarky reactions in the comments section, to which someone operating Scott’s Instagram account responded in kind with the following since-deleted responses (via Eye on Basketball):


Scott said earlier this season that he doesn’t go on social media — Instagram in particular — any longer because of “angry fans.” He indicated that a family member handles his accounts for him.

“She says she’s trying to hold her tongue and not respond,” Scott told ESPN’s Baxter Holmes in November. “And I tell her, look, don’t respond back to anybody. Because she’s family, she takes it personal. And I don’t read it because I know me — I take it personal and I might say something and I don’t want to get into that with people.”

“That’s why I don’t go on my Instagram and all that stuff, because as [she] would tell me, a lot of them are pissed off and hot and all this and then you’ve got some that are very supportive…”

If that is indeed the case and a family member is handling Scott’s social media accounts, it would be a good idea for the Lakers coach to have a chat with her before she creates another headache for him by challenging another troll to a fight in the comments section.