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Seahawks advising Cardinals ahead of NFC title game

Despite being division rivals, the Seattle Seahawks are doing their part to assist the Arizona Cardinals ahead of Sunday’s NFC Championship Game against the Carolina Panthers.

The Seahawks had a lot of trouble with their footing on the turf at Bank of America Stadium in last weekend’s 31-24 loss to the Panthers. In a classy gesture, Seattle’s equipment manager elected to pass along some valuable information to the Cardinals about choosing appropriate cleats for the conditions.

The Cardinals equipment staff heeded the advice and placed a note in each player’s locker.

“After talking with the equipment manager with the Seahawks we strongly recommend you wear ⅝ 7-studs at Carolina,” read the note. “He said he had about 20 players change to studs after the 3rd series. There was little slipping going on after the players changed their shoes. We have your 7 stud shoes in your locker, so you can get used to them this week at practice.”

Because of the Seahawks equipment manager’s invaluable input, Cardinals players reportedly will wear seven-studded cleats that are ⅝-inch long.

Further complicating Bank of America Stadium’s allegedly compromised playing surface, Winter Storm Jonas is expected to dump up to 10 inches of snow in the Charlotte area, with ice up to a half-inch thick due to a dose of sleet and freezing rain between late Thursday night to Saturday morning.

Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians downplayed the significance of both the purportedly poor turf conditions and potentially inclement weather.

“It doesn’t change [anything],” he said, via ESPN. “[Quarterback] Carson [Palmer]’s played in it his entire career, in Cincinnati. It looks like it’s going to be 37, 38 degrees and clear [Sunday]. The wind is the only thing that’ll be a factor, unless the weather totally changes, but all the snow and precipitation should be out of there from the reports we got, so no big deal.”

While that may be the case, the Cardinals nevertheless should feel indebted to the Seahawks equipment staff for setting aside the rivalry and providing such valuable information.