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Lifelong Bears fan pays tribute to Packers with ‘Cheesehead Bible’


Lifelong Chicago Bears fans may be the last people one might assume would be behind a religious text-inspired book celebrating the Green Bay Packers, but that’s what Pat Baker and his twin brother Terry did.

Called “The Cheesehead Bible,” the tome features scripture, verses, illustrations and is laid-out like an actual Bible, with sections featuring Packer-inspired names like “Book of Lombardi” and “Book of Lambeau.”

“This is a story I wanted to tell about the Bears, but it didn’t work because the Bears are all about biography, not group history,” Baker said, via the Green Bay Press Gazette. “And, when I realized that if I’m going to do a group history, it’s probably got to come from the Old Testament.

“So, what I did was I just took the Hebrews out and put the Cheeseheads in. It worked. It was amazing!”

Of course, “The Cheesehead Bible” has a “Book of Creation,” which features “scripture” such as the following passages:

“And God said, I will give unto thee and the small town of Green Bay, Wisconsin the most successful professional football franchise of all time.””

“Now the burly people of Wisconsin were very happy and they lifted their cheeses toward Heaven to praise God and thank Him. Then they placed the cheeses upon their heads so that God could see His congregation from on High. And God called his congregation ‘cheeseheads’ which means ‘people of Wisconsin who wear cheese upon their heads.’ And God saw that it was good.”

Baker simply hopes that his whimsical treatment of the Packers-as-a-Relgion isn’t considered an affront by the team’s devoutly, loyal, disciple-like fans.

“I was hoping the cheeseheads wouldn’t be too terribly offended because, after all, the whole idea is a tribute to this unique relationship these people have to their team and to God, and it’s all connected somehow,” he said.

Either way, perhaps the tome can serve as a source of comfort to Packers after yet another sudden and heartbreaking end to the team’s season.

(image via Green Bay Press Gazette-Twitter)