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Derrick Rose: ‘I’ve missed too many games’ for All-Star nod


Chicago Bulls point guard Derrick Rose finished seventh among Eastern Conference guards in All-Star voting but isn’t upset about it, insisting he wasn’t deserving of an All-Star Game nod this season.

“Nah,” Rose said after Friday’s shootaround, via ESPN. “Nah. Just the year I’ve missed too many games. That was about it. Missed too many games.”

After appearing in only 100 games over the previous three seasons due to myriad injuries, Rose has been much more reliable this season, playing in 35 of the Bulls’ 41 games — although an orbital bone fracture in training camp slowed him early on — so his belief that he hasn’t played in enough games is arguably unfounded.

Rose’s All-Star omission may be more directly related to the numbers he’s putting up when he does play. He is 15.4 points and 3.1 rebounds per game are both career lows. His assists-per-game this season averages out to 4.7, his lowest output except for his 10-game season in 2013-14.

Rose did, however, enjoy perhaps his finest outing of the season when he scored 29 points in only 30 minutes in Wednesday’s 125-94 thumping at the hands of the Golden State Warriors.

Whatever the case, Rose, a three-time All-Star, downplays the importance he places on being named to the team.

“All-Star is great,” he said. “It’s a huge accomplishment, great accolade, great to have on your resume, but it don’t define the player I am or someone is just because of the All-Star Game.”

Rose suggested he might spend the All-Star break working out with his longtime personal trainer and set his sights on continuing his career comeback while not worrying about the naysayers and the critics.

“I don’t think about what people think or say,” he said. “It’s whatever they say, but the only thing I can do is just keep working on my game and focus on what I’ve been focusing on.”