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Teen rescues Russell Wilson Fathead from fire … after saving dad


A brave teenage girl who saved her dad from a fire — and then her beloved Russell Wilson fathead — was a guest on a recent taping of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” during which she recounted the harrowing tale of how she bravely rescued her father … and then a wall adornment of the Seattle Seahawks quarterback.

The hero in question is 19-year-old Charlotte Heffelmire from Vienna, Va. Apparently her father had become trapped under a truck he was working on last November when spilled gasoline ignited, starting the garage on fire.

“He was just stuck under it and he said ‘You have to lift the truck,’” Heffelmire told DeGeneres, via “So I just lifted it. It took two tries to lift it up.”

That’s when her thoughts immediately turned to her cherished Wilson Fathead.

“After I got everyone out … I sprinted to the basement. I have this big Russell Wilson Fathead,” she said. “I was like, thank god Russell Wilson is fine!”

Wilson has since heard about Heffelmire’s harrowing tale and posted a video message especially for her.

The Seahawks also sent Heffelmire a gift basket chock-full of Seahawks goodies, along with four tickets to a home game next season, to reward her for her bravery.

DeGeneres sweetened the deal even further by giving Heffelmire, a US Air Force Academy student, a $10,000 check to help fund her college education courtesy of Shutterfly.

And to think, none of this probably would have happened hadn’t Heffelmire raced into a burning building to save her Russell Wilson Fathead.