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Stan Van Gundy blasts NBA over ‘Hack-a-Drummond’ strategy


Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy took the NBA to task for its complicit role in how Andre Drummond was fouled so many times he took an astounding 36 free throws in the team’s 123-114 victory over the Houston Rockets.

Drummond, an abysmal free throw shooter who is converting on only 35 percent of his shots from the charity stripe, set an NBA record with 23 missed free throws in going 13-for-36.

The “Hack-a-Drummond” strategy reached such absurd levels that at Rockets interim coach J.B. Bickerstaff’s instruction, the Pistons center was intentionally fouled five times in nine seconds to open the second half.

And Van Gundy isn’t happy about it and holds the NBA directly responsible for it.

“That”s the game the league wants, so that’s what fans get to watch,” Van Gundy said, via the Detroit Free Press.

But Van Gundy wasn’t finished with his diatribe just yet, singling out the Commissioner as one of the responsible parties.

“Adam Silver and the league, they’ve decided that’s the way they want to play the game and that’s what they want people to watch,” he said. “As long as the fans are OK with watching it, then we’ll continue to play that way.

“At some point the fans might get to the point and say, ‘We’re not going to pay to watch this. We’re going to flip the channels.’ They haven’t yet. That’s what Adam keeps saying. When they do, then the league will have to make an adjustment.”

As noted in an Eye on Basketball report, the “Hack-a-(Blank)” strategy was discussed on two occasions during the offseason and nothing was done about it. This has resulted in intentional fouls being way up so far this season.

Until the NBA does something to change the rules, expect games to be slowed down to an agonizing slog due to excessive trips to the free throw line.