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Eric Decker’s wife: Tom Brady is targeted ‘because he’s hot’


The wife of Eric Decker went to bat for a quarterback who has tormented her husband’s New York Jets team for years by arguing that the reason Tom Brady is so scrutinized and ridiculed so much is because he’s attractive.

“I think he gets picked on because he’s hot,” Jessie James Decker told E! News. “If it was someone else they probably wouldn’t be picking on him.”

The Jets wide receiver, meanwhile, has a different theory that goes beyond such superficial reasons as Brady’s relative attractiveness.

“He also gets more calls than other quarterbacks in the league,” he said. “He’s Tom Brady. He’s won multiple championships.”

Brady of course became the target of Denver Broncos players this week ahead of the AFC Championship Game, with some of them referring to him as a “crybaby” and a “whiner” who constantly is complaining to referees.

But Decker insists that Brady isn’t alone when it comes to pleading for calls.

“I think every quarterback cries for calls to be honest,” Eric said. “A lot of skilled players on offense cry for calls, and on defense, they do hit low. That’s just the way the league has been with the fines up top and the concussion problems. Guys are going and taking people’s knees out, which is unfortunate because I’d rather be hit up high than down low.”

Jessie James Decker, meanwhile, is no stranger to expressing her unique opinions, not to mention candidly discussing her and her husband’s private life, such as revealing that she frequently “manscapes” him.

She also became the target of Jets fans’ ire last season on social media, which prompted her to fire back at all the “haters” on Twitter.

She also once revealed that Decker was “depressed” over the Jets’ miserable 2014 season, prompting the wide receiver to come to his wife’s defense, something he has felt inclined to do on occasion.

In other words, Decker’s opinion on Brady’s hotness simply an example of her being herself.