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Denver brewery to set aside keg with lowered PSI for Tom Brady


A Colorado brewery is releasing a special new football-themed beer to commemorate the Denver Broncos’ spot in the AFC Championship Game. And if that wasn’t good enough for Broncos fans, the brewery busted out a Deflategate joke to troll Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Denver-based Spangalang Brewery will tap a new beer ahead of Sunday’s AFC title game that is called “Orange Crushsicle,” a reference to the Broncos’ “Orange Crush” defense from years back.

But Spangalang’s Darren Boyd couldn’t help himself when discussing the “fast-finishing, super-quaffable session beer” that is the “beer equivalent of a Dreamsicle frozen treat.” He mentioned to The Denver Post that he intends to set aside a keg of the new brew just for Brady. And he indicated the keg in question will be specifically altered to ensure Brady will enjoy it … while trolling the Patriots signal-caller at the same time.

“Just before kickoff we’re going to drop the pressure on the beer by a few PSI,” Boyd said, of course a nod to Deflategate. “It’ll be a bit flat and more to his liking, something to enjoy while he wipes away the tears.”

It’s doubtful Brady will take the brewery up on the offer — odds are his strict diet prevents him from consuming alcohol — but hey, it’s the thought that counts.