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Mark Cuban thinks NBA season should be extended 10 days


Many sports fans believe that once the NBA Finals finally wraps up in mid-to-late June, the NBA season has been exceedingly long, a war of attrition that begins in late October that ultimately results in basketball burnout after 82 regular-season games and  drawn-out postseason.

Not Mark Cuban.

In fact, the Dallas Mavericks outspoken owner believes the season should be extended into summer even longer, to the tune of 10 more days.

And arguably surprisingly, Cuban’s suggestion, which he laid out during an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, actually sounds perfectly reasonable.

“People say to cut a couple of preseason games off, which I’m fine with. I like preseason because I think it gives our guys a chance to play, but I would be OK with cutting a couple of preseason games down to five or six.”

I haven’t even thought about the fact that this team can’t do it and this group won’t do it here for this city and this franchise. That thought hasn’t even entered my mind.

“I just think television has changed so that the difference in households watching television on June 12 [for the NBA Finals] vs. June 24 or 26 isn’t that big, because football hasn’t started yet,” Cuban said. “It’s just the dog days of baseball and people are crying for sports still, and there’s nothing to watch.”

Cuban neglects to mention that there are other options outside of the “Big 4″ pro sports that are playing during the early summer, including the PGA Tour, among others. But his argument nevertheless is sound. More is always better, and if the NBA extended its season a few days — which could also have the added benefit of possibly meaning teams would have fewer back-to-backs and four-games-in-five-nights scenarios, so much the better.

But most importantly, Cuban believes, it would enhance the NBA profile and further showcase the product.

“I think spreading out will be great for the league,” he said.