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John Clayton rocks Slayer shirt on ‘SportsCenter’ (vid)


It probably was only a matter of time and confluence of circumstances lining up just right, but ESPN NFL analyst John Clayton finally rocked a Slayer shirt — a sleeveless one, no less — during a Tuesday appearance on “SportsCenter.”

A confluence of events spawned by Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Russell Westbrook sporting a shirt celebrating the legendary metal band (as if he actually is a fan, right?) before a game earlier this month provided all the impetus necessary for Clayton to reprise his supposed identity as an under-the-radar Slayer fan in a now-legendary “SportsCenter” commercial (see it here).

During a segment during Tuesday’s “SportsCenter,” there was Clayton rocking his sleeveless Slayer shirt, making the fanciful concept of a long-haired Clayton living with his mom and doing his remote segments from his bedroom in the legendary commercial come full circle.

Fantastic. Keep letting your freak flag fly, John Clayton.