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Designers offering to help Ben McAdoo after oversized suit presser


Ben McAdoo’s first press conference as the New York Giants head coach was an otherwise successful affair, save for the comically oversized suit he was wearing, something that prompted widespread mockery on social media and elsewhere.

As it turns out, the reason McAdoo’s frumpy suit — which had him resembling a “Stop Making Sense”-era David Byrne — was so ill-fitting wasn’t because a complete and utter lack of fashion sense. Instead, it was due to a much more legitimate and definitely praiseworthy reason:

McAdoo has lost 60 pounds since the last time he put it on and he didn’t have it altered, nor did he buy a new suit for his introductory presser.

“That was a nice-fitting suit 60 pounds ago,” McAdoo recently pointed out, via Shutdown Corner.

“I guess I’m surprised it got that much attention,’’ McAdoo added during an ESPN Radio interview, via the New York Post. “I take it as a compliment. I worked really hard over the last year to get in a little better shape, get in a little better condition. I’ll take that as a compliment.’’

But all the unwanted attention due to oversized suit has had a residual benefit. McAdoo reports that menswear designers have been offering their assistance. In fact, he says at least two dozen tailors, designers and stylists have reached out to him.

“We’re trying to sort ‘em out right now,’’ he said. “You wouldn’t believe some of the messages I got. It’s interesting.’’

McAdoo added he’s completely open to any complimentary clothing as well.

“We got ‘em lined up, they’re ready to come in,’’ he said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “I told ‘em if they’re free, I’ll take three.’’

While it’s likely embarrassing to be mocked and ridiculed in such a manner, the fact that he looked a little silly due to a massive weight loss — along with being offered a lot of assistance presumably from some big-time New York fashion houses — arguably makes the entire scene well worth it in the end.