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Luke Kuechly not a big fan of his ‘Captain America’ nickname


Earlier this season, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton — as he does with all his teammates — ascribed a nickname for Luke Kuechly: Captain America.

The problem is that the dominating middle linebacker isn’t particularly fond of nicknames, even if could pick one for himself.

“I don’t need a nickname,” he said, via ESPN. “My name is Luke.”

The Captain America moniker came about after Newton witnessed Kuechly dominate in a victory over the Dallas Cowboys in November, a game in which he recorded two interceptions, returning one for a touchdown. Newton also referred to what he characterizes as a “dark side” of sorts that Kuechly possesses.

“He has the smile, the charisma, the lawyer look, but he has like a demolition mentality,” Newton said after that game. “He’s like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

“But in my eyes, he’ll always be ‘Captain America’ because he makes every play.”

When asked about this so-called dark side, Kuechly seemed inclined to disagree to a certain extent.

“Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t,” he said, smiling.”It’s tricky.”

“It’s there sometimes,” he continued. “You can’t ask somebody to talk about themselves. You’ve got to ask other people. It’s like you can’t nickname yourself.”

Kuechly turned in a phenomenal performance in Carolina’s 31-24 victory over Seattle, highlighted by his 14-yard pick-six on the Seahawks’ second offensive play. Considering he also has led the Panthers in tackles for four consecutive seasons, one could argue he is deserving of a flattering nickname.

Not so fast, he again insisted when pressed about picking his own moniker.

“I just told you, I can’t,” he said. “How about Luke?”