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Carson Palmer on him dancing: ‘No one wants to see that’


Once again, a quarterback who is slated to face Cam Newton in an upcoming game has felt compelled to discuss the Carolina Panthers quarterback’s much ballyhooed celebratory dance routines and how it relates to them. With the Arizona Cardinals set for a showdown with the Panthers in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, Carson Palmer indicated there’s no way he’ll attempt to match Newton dance move-for-dance move.

Why? Because he insists no one should be forced to witness that hot mess after he and the Cardinals score a touchdown.

“I point at the sky, thank God, hug guys,” Palmer said, via ESPN. “I hug, I don’t dance.

“No one wants to see that.”

While that may indeed be the case, Palmer has shown a penchant for dance-like moves this season, although it didn’t occur in the end zone. Instead, Palmer busted out some impromptu pelvic thrusts on the sideline during the team’s 39-32 victory over the Seattle Seahawks on Nov. 15.

Palmer was subsequently fined $11,576 by the NFL for his antics but insisted the moves were intended for some pals seated behind the Cardinals bench and not meant as a taunt directed at Seahawks fans.

With all that in mind, perhaps Palmer is right in leaving the dancing to the experts. At least he won’t subject himself to any additional fines by doing so.

Newton has been subjected to much criticism over his dance routines, some may even argue in an unfair manner. He suggests it takes him to his “happy place” and justifies his celebrations by arguing there’s “greatness in the air.”

But that doesn’t mean opposing quarterbacks should feel the need to dance as well … Palmer in particular, apparently.