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Meet ‘TD,’ Super Bowl LI’s football-headed mascot (photo)


Super Bowl LI is scheduled to be held on Feb. 5, 2017 at NRG Stadium in Houston, Tex., and the city’s Super Bowl Twitter account on Friday “kicked-off” one special component of next year’s festivities by introducing the world to an oddball character sure to make its impact on the “Big Game.”

Meet “TD,” the Super Bowl LI’s football-headed mascot.

Those eyes. Those empty, soulless, haunting eyes. Talk about some high-octane nightmare fuel right there.

Anyway, “TD” — get it? — even has an official bio (as it were). Here’s the rundown of what makes “TD” such a big “score” (get it again?).

Houston, Texas

This ain’t his first rodeo!



Houston Red, Steel Gray and Starlight Silver

Deep in the Heart of Texas and It’s Football Time in Houston

BBQ, Fajitas and Sushi

Football, Houston’s Food Scene, and the Arts

Dream Car
Trucks, of course!

Dream Job
Astronaut Quarterback

3 Words to Describe You
Friendly, Fun and Full of Houston Hospitality

There you go.

Most of the traits, attributes, etc. of “TD” aren’t all that surprising: The favorite song, dream car and colors all make sense.

One question, though: What exactly is a “Astronaut Quarterback”? Or should there be a comma in there or something?

And what is the deal with Sushi being one of its favorite foods? That’s odd, although it probably would have been far stranger had one of his favorite foods been Texas-style pork ribs or something like that … what with the whole pigskin/cannibalism component that would entail.