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Seahawks have no problem with Cam Newton’s celebratory antics


Much has been made this season over how the Carolina Panthers — and specifically Cam Newton — have gone about their business, especially the unabashed way the team engages in what often seems to be choreographed celebratory antics.

With the Seattle Seahawks set to face the Panthers in the NFL Divisional Round Sunday, the team’s players were asked if Newton’s patented end zone dancing offends them.

Not one bit, according to several members of the Seahawks.

“No, you get to the end zone in an NFL game, you deserve the right to celebrate,” Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman said, via ESPN. “I mean, you’ve worked hard, you’re a professional athlete. If you don’t get to celebrate in the pros, when do you get to celebrate? When do you get to show what you can do to enjoy yourself? I mean, this is a game. I think some people who’ve never played it, who’ve never expressed passion, sit behind desks all day and do that. Maybe you celebrate sometimes when you do something great, and nobody judges you, because nobody’s watching. But as you’re watching him, enjoy it. He’s enjoying it, he can enjoy his craft. If he wants to celebrate, that’s fine.”

Russell Wilson, while saying “everybody’s different” when it comes to celebrating, believes Newton’s dancing is the way he shows gratitude for being able to play the game of football.

Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, meanwhile, shares the opinion of Newton and Panthers cornerback Josh Norman. If a team or player has a problem with how the Panthers celebrate, there’s one simple solution: Stop them.

“I don’t think anybody likes anybody that wins and tries to rub it in a little bit,” he said. “If you want somebody not to do something, you’ve just got to stop them. If you hold a team to zero points, then you don’t see any dancing.”

The criticism levied against the Panthers this season about how they celebrate has been constant and at times completely baffling. It appears the Seahawks are much more interested in beating the Panthers this weekend as opposed to worrying about what Panthers players might do if they score a touchdown.