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Chicago stunner: Obama would take MJ over LeBron, Kobe


In one of the least surprising hot sports takes of recent memory, President Barack Obama stated that he would take Michael Jordan over both LeBron James and Kobe Bryant.

Following his State of the Union address earlier in the week, Obama took to Twitter Thursday and fielded some questions. While many of the inquires the President answered were more politically substantial in nature, he did respond to one sports-related question regarding his favorite of the three NBA icons. He also made mention of an up-and-comer from the world of college basketball as well.

Call it a Chicago stunner. Given Obama lovingly refers to “The Windy City” as his true home, it’s certainly not shocking where hisĀ  NBA loyalties lie. He’s also an all-around sports fan, in a particular a basketball fanatic, who has frequently attended games o all kinds during his presidency.

But let’s be frank: It wouldn’t require allegiances to Chicago nor the Bulls to pick MJ above any and all challengers to his NBA legacy, even those players with the esteemed pedigrees possessed by LeBron or Kobe.