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Charles Barkley makes bizarre ‘Bachelor’ analogy about Lakers


It appears Charles Barkley had an amusing-but-bizarre line all lined-u[ for the Los Angeles Lakers-Golden State Warriors game on Thursday, as the outspoken and outlandish TNT NBA analyst busted out a witty quip about how the once-proud L.A. NBA team can’t measure up to the night’s opponent.

The Lakers were turned into the metaphorical sacrificial lamb for the Warriors who were smarting after a disappointing loss to the Denver Nuggets Wednesday, getting walloped by a score of 116-98.

But even before the opening tip, Barkley put the game in its proper perspective, albeit in a patently Barkley-ian manner.

Breaking down the disparate quality of the two squads — the Lakers were 9-31 entering the game while the Warriors were 36-3 and on a 36-game home winning streak — Barkley used a reality show analogy to make his prediction.

“They’ve got no chance,” he said of the Lakers. “They’re like the black girl on ‘The Bachelor’ — they’ve got no chance.”

Barkley is something of a wordsmith of sorts, albeit a clumsy one at times. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t usually right. So anytime he opens his mouth about anything, it’s well worth a listen. And that’s even when he’s using half-baked reality show reference as the foundation to his frequently hilarious but always-insightful analysis.