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Brandon McCarthy shares great story about failed bean ball


Brandon McCarthy recently participated in a Q&A for “The Players’ Tribune” in which the Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher shared a phenomenal story about how he tried to intentionally drill a batter during a game … and missed.

McCarthy was asked a question about whether hit-batsman generally stems from a deliberate action by the pitcher or if more often than not it’s a simple mistake. This elicited this wonderful anecdotal tale about the aftermath of his bean ball shortcomings (via

I don’t know, but I do have a funny story that won’t answer your question at all.

I’ve hit a few guys on purpose and it’s not a big deal. Usually they rub their hip, elbow or whatever I’ve hit and then run to first in a manly fashion to give off the impression that I didn’t hurt them. But once, I tried to hit a guy and missed. A few years later, I met that player and told him that I had tried to hit him. He seemed really taken aback by this. He demanded to know why I had done that. I let him know that I had no valid reason other than I felt like it. He was genuinely hurt by this and told me, “You’re an asshole,” before storming off in a tizzy.

So now I don’t hit people on purpose anymore. I just wait until I see guys who’ve had a few drinks in a social setting and tell them I wanted to hit them. I’m the passive-aggressive Nolan Ryan.

The “passive-aggressive Nolan Ryan” makes the entire Q&A well worth reading. But his responses to questions like what he thought of his season-ending Tommy John surgery last year on April 30 (“I assume it was gross”) and an inquiry about what it was like to use the toilet with a cast (“It went fine, weirdo”) certainly demonstrates McCarthy’s notoriously quirky personality.

The pitcher has long been a favorite of sportswriters and fans alike and looking back on this story involving his wife, an ExtenZe joke and his “interesting” request of her after he was released from the hospital after undergoing emergency surgery certainly illustrates exactly why.