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Magic Johnson: ‘No way’ Steph Curry is better PG than Isiah Thomas


Magic Johnson took to Twitter on Wednesday to vehemently disagree with a recent ranking of the top 10 point guards in NBA history, specifically disputing how both Stephen Curry and John Stockton were rated higher than his onetime nemesis, Isiah Thomas.

The top 10 list Johnson has taken issue with is part of “All-Time #NBArank” which is based upon votes by ESPN’s “expert panel.” While Johnson was ranked as the best all-time point guard, he took issue with how Stockton and Curry were ranked No. 3 and No. 4, respectively (behind Oscar Robertson at No. 2), with Thomas rounding out the top 5.

Johnson laid out in a series of tweets why Thomas deserves to be ranked above Stockton and Curry, while also giving credit to their respective accomplishments.

Johnson makes reasonable points and Thomas’ championship pedigree alone (two NBA titles with the Detroit Pistons) — Stockton never won a title with the Utah Jazz — while Curry has one title under his belt, not to mention an MVP already in his young career.

Thomas can boast being a Finals MVP, a 12-time All-Star and being named All-NBA five times during his Hall of Fame career, whereas Curry hasn’t played long enough to attain such accolades. Stockton’s statistical output alone — being the NBA’s all-time leader in assists among them — over his 19-year career not only made him a Hall of Famer, it also merits his inclusion among the best of the best point guards every to play.

Still, it’s always a difficult enterprise when comparing players from different eras. And using statistics alone as an additional means of measurement of a player’s contribution to the game isn’t sufficient, either.

But given that Curry has a long way to go simply to match Thomas’ career accomplishments, the case Johnson makes touting Thomas’ merits over Curry’s as it pertains to their respective placement in the pantheon of all-time point guards arguably is a solid one. It doesn’t mean Curry won’t one day deserve to be ranked as a better point guard than Thomas, just not quite yet.