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Buck Showalter bluntly addresses Chris Davis contract stalemate


The Baltimore Orioles and Chris Davis have been embroiled in a lengthy and at times tense stalemate over a reported $150 million contract offer the team reportedly offered its superstar, free agent first baseman.

Orioles skipper Buck Showalter bluntly addressed the impasse with some interesting comments about the kind of money that’s in play in the negotiations between the team and the free agent.

“How much is enough?” Showalter said of the Davis situation on Wednesday, via The Baltimore Sun. “I asked Chris during the season, ‘Chris, when you walk into a Target store, can you buy anything you want. So, how much is enough?’

“I love Chris, but if that [his decision] makes or breaks our team, shame on us.”

The Orioles have made it clear they want Davis back in the fold, but reports indicated in December that the team pulled its reported seven-year, $150 million offer to the player who led the major leagues in home runs in 2015 with 47. Other reports indicated the team upped its offer, but Orioles executive vice president Dan Duquette refused to discuss the club’s offer to Davis in any manner.

Showalter may have a point that the numbers being thrown around are absurd in many respects and it is true that Davis, no matter what deal he ultimately signs, will have more money than he’ll even need. But the slugger also has the absolute right to negotiate on his terms and try to get as big of a payday as he can manage based upon his perceived value to not only the Orioles but other MLB teams as well.

At the same time, Davis will only get free crab cakes for life if he signs with the Orioles, so at least Baltimore has that going for them.