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Blues owner defends St. Louis in the wake of Rams’ departure


Blues owner Tom Stillman wanted to make it abundantly clear to the region’s sports fans that his organization believes St. Louis is professional sports franchises can succeed in the town despite Rams owner Stan Kroenke’s disparaging comments that argue otherwise.

“We love St. Louis,” he told the Post-Dispatch on Tuesday, via Pro Hockey Talk. “We know that it’s a tremendous place to live, to work, to raise a family and to be a sports fan. We also think it is a great place for a home of a sports franchise, mainly because the fans and other supporters are so loyal and dedicated and classy. I guess I don’t understand wanting to be anywhere else, no matter how big the market or the untold riches that might await. This is where we want to be.”

It’s obviously no surprise that Stillman would take that stance. After all, his team still plays in St. Louis and it wouldn’t make any sense at all to alienate the town’s fans. But his comments nevertheless likely embolden a region’s sports fans after suffering such a devastating loss, especially given the manner in which Kroenke was so overly critical when arguing that St. Louis lacks “the economic drivers that are necessary for sustained success of an NFL franchise.”

While that may be the truth — or at least Kroenke’s version of it — Blues fans let their feelings towards the Rams owner be known during Tuesday’s game:

St. Louis sports fans obviously will feel the sting of the Rams’ departure for years and decades to come. But at least they can take solace in the fact that the Blues as well as the Cardinals wouldn’t want to play in any other city or in front of any other fans.