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Panthers keep inspiring odd ‘Letters to the Editor’ submissions


The Carolina Panthers not only ran roughshod over the NFL to a 15-1 regular season record, the team seemed to inspire a wealthy dose of arguably unwarranted criticism for how the players go about their business in a celebratory manner, among other things.

Specifically targeted was Cam Newton for his joyous, dance-heavy touchdown celebrations. One such end zone dancing demonstration led one irate mother to write an open letter to Newton, which was printed in the Charlotte Observer, bemoaning his antics and how it negatively impacted her young daughter.

Later, several Panthers fans submitted pieces to the Observer’s “Letters to the Editor” section criticizing Newton for having a child out of wedlock.

And now, in the latest installment of “Odd Submissions by Panthers Fans to the Observer’s ‘Letters to the Editor’ Section comes this piece entitled, “Remember, Panthers: hands over hearts.” In it, a Panthers fan implores the team’s players to be on their best behavior during the national anthem before Sunday’s showdown with the Seattle Seahawks.

It reads:

Please, please, please, Panthers, place your hand over your heart during our national anthem.

The camera is on each and every one of you, and America is watching. It is very disrespectful to spit, dance around and chat when our national anthem is being played.

We have a great team and a lot of great guys. Let’s show everyone that Charlotte has a No. 1 team in all respects.

It’s certainly unlikely Newton and company would engage in disrespectful acts like dancing or spitting during the anthem. But the fact that Panthers fans are so worried about how the players conduct themselves arguably indicates just how much the criticism of how the team has supposedly “misbehaved” this season has caused concern among the fanbase.