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Alex Rodriguez unveils new personal brand logo (photo)


Alex Rodriguez seemingly was a different player upon his return to the New York Yankees during the 2015 season following his one-year exile from the MLB due to his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal. To kick-off his 2016 campaign shortly before spring training kicks into high gear, the 40-year-old slugger took to Twitter to unveil his brand new personal brand logo.

Rodriguez’s foray of course is nothing new when it comes to professional athletes, with the likes of Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and Derek Jeter, among others, adding value to their personal brands courtesy of a marketable logo. But given he’s in the twilight of his big-league career certainly indicates he’s looking beyond his baseball life as he transitions into the next phase in his life.

Regarding the 2016 MLB season, the Yankees already have announced A-Rod will serve in the same capacity as he did in 2015 and will be the team’s primary designated hitter. If he can match the respectful productivity he enjoyed at the plate — as well as not be a distraction in the clubhouse, as A-Rod appeared to say and do all the right things last season — perhaps his personal brand logo will enjoy the benefits — and profits — from a nice dose of publicity.