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Olivia Munn’s mom: Aaron Rodgers is a star on Vietnamese blogs


Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn easily are one of the biggest celebrity supercouples going. And the Green Bay Packers quarterback apparently has a huge fan in his actress girlfriend’s mother.

Munn was conducting an interview with Entertainment Tonight to tout her role in “Ride Along 2” when she discussed conversations she has with her mom about her NFL superstar boyfriend. She specifically discussed how Rodgers apparently is kind of a big deal on blogs in Vietnam, where Kim Munn, of Chinese descent, was raised.

“My mom speaks in an accent and writes in one too,” Munn said. “My mom, that’s how she texts, she’s like, ‘You tell Aaron Rodgers I think he number one quarterback! And you let him know Asians love Aaron Rodgers! You know people on Vietnamese blog talk about Aaron Rodgers, that’s big deal!’ As if that was a big worry to him …

“For her, when you’ve made it to the Vietnamese blogs, you’ve made it,” she added. “She’s like, ‘He needs to know, big deal, Vietnamese blog!’ She thinks it’s the best thing ever.”

Munn says her entire family, not just her starstruck mother, are big Rodgers fans.

“My family just loves him so much, they’re so invested,” she said. “They all watch [his games] and if it’s too much they can’t watch.”

With the Packers facing the Redskins on Sunday, and with that a lot of added pressure, Munn, who has been dating Rodgers since May 2014, indicated the heightened tension has no impact upon their relationship.

It certainly seems that Munn and Rodgers have a pretty solid relationship and both seem to be quite the cut-ups, as evidenced by some videos they have uploaded to social media.

But the high-profile romance has some pitfalls, as Munn learned when her relationship with Rodgers led some Packers fans to blame her for his struggles on the field, something the quarterback has rightfully deemedas “idiotic.” Although the fact that Munn once openly discussed their sex life during an interview arguably attracts that kind of unwanted attention.