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Coyotes’ John Scott relishing controversial NHL All-Star nod


John Scott, the 33-year-old brawler and enforcer in a league that no longer holds such players in high regard, was named to the 2016 NHL All-Star Game thanks to a groundswell of support built upon the idea of a joke from snarky, social-media savvy fans.

But how it all happened matters little to the Arizona Coyotes bruiser. Scott says he’s relishing very minute of it.

“I would never in a million years dream of going to an All-Star Game,” Scott told ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun. “That’s crazy. So I figured, ‘Why not? Just do it.'”

There has been an outcry from traditionalists who believe it’s a travesty and mockery for a so-called “goon” to be named an All-Star. But Scott believes the nod pays tribute to all the enforcers still around and those who came before him, especially given how there are so few remaining players in the league like him.

“I hope everyone who has done my job can take a little bit out of this and say, ‘You know what? Finally, one of us is getting recognized,'” he said.

Scott says he had mixed feelings about the movement to get him into the NHL’s annual showcase but now insists he’s happy it happened.

“It’s funny, every day you get a different opinion from somebody else. You talk to your management, your coaches, your teammates,” he said. “At first, it was kind of like a joke and I wasn’t really a fan of it. I was like, ‘Let’s end this quick and move on.’ And once it started to gain speed and gain momentum behind it, I started to talk to more people and realized, ‘This is probably going to happen.’ So I had to start to change my tune from, ‘I don’t want to do this, I don’t like this’ to ‘If it happens, I’ll be happy and we’ll have some fun with it.’

“At first, it was super negative, I didn’t want it to happen, but now it’s here and we’ll have a good time with it.”

As he should.