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Cam Newton reveals newborn son’s name on jersey: ‘Chosen’ (pic)


After a few weeks of promising he would at some point reveal the name of his newborn son, Cam Newton used his practice jersey to make the big announcement.

A photograph snapped by ESPN’s David Newton alerted to the world to the baby boy born on Christmas Eve to the Carolina Panthers quarterback and longtime girlfriend Kia Proctor.


Hey, it’s better than North West, Apple or Kal-El Cage or Pilot Inspektor or whatever.

As noted by the reporter, the baby’s full name is Chosen Sebastian Newton, but it’s his first name that is certain to attract the most attention.

Panthers players polled on the unique name voiced their approval, including cornerback Josh Norman.

“That’s different and unique, just like him,” he said. “Everybody has their way of doing things. He has his.”

Wide receiver Jerricho Cotchery said Newton is thrilled with fatherhood.

“I can attest to one thing, he’s happy to be a dad,” he observed. “He’s a proud dad.”

And not even some nattering nabobs of negativity in the “Letters to the Editor” section of the Charlotte Observer who raked Newton over the coals for having a child out of wedlock can ruin it for him.