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Johnny Manziel’s ‘Billy Vegas’ alter ego inspires cottage industry (pics)


Johnny Manziel may have finally put an unceremonious end to his career with the Cleveland Browns with his purported trip to Las Vegas during which he allegedly donned a disguise featuring a blond wig, fake mustache and glasses. But the entire saga has inspired the creation of a “Billy Vegas” persona on the Internet featuring a bevy of memes, jokes and whatnot.

The “Billy Vegas” meme has in turn created a cottage industry for craftspeople and the like, as evidenced by the many goods now available online featuring Manziel’s Sin City alter ego. has done a great job of collecting a few of the better pieces of merchandise available featuring “Billy Vegas,” although there of course is many more pieces of memorabilia, shirts, etc. available if one desires such goods, such as the Bill Vegas t-shirt, via Fresh Brewed Tees. It will only cost a person $25.99 for that bad boy.

Busted Coverage came across a few such items, highlighted by sports artist Dave Choate’s interpretation of Manziel-as-Billy Vegas.


A tweet from Choate indicated the painting was available for $500. But sadly, it already has been snatched up by a big Billy Vegas backer.

How about some prayer candles? An Etsy artisan has got you covered.


Cost? Fifteen bucks. Perfectly reasonable, although it should be noted that the man depicted on the candle is St. Billy Vegas, not just regular party-hearty Billy Vegas. Canonization makes it much more … something.