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Doug Baldwin credits Steve Largent for standout season


Doug Baldwin enjoyed one of the finer seasons ever put up by a Seattle Seahawks wide receiver, and he made sure to give due credit to the best wideout in the team’s history for helping him accomplish it.

Baldwin said he began a text message exchange two years ago with none other than Steve Largent, the Seahawks’ all-time leading receiver in receptions, yards and touchdowns, all by a wide margin. He says the advice given to him by Largent helped him better focus on his craft and that has translated into a season of success where broke the team record for touchdown receptions in a season with 14.

The two met at a team function a few years ago and Baldwin apparently got Largent’s contact information from a front office employee. Largent says it was the first time any Seahawks receiver ever reached out to him.

“He texted me and asked me some things that I carried through training camp and things that I would work on and stuff like that,” Largent said, via The Seattle Times. “I talked about the release off the ball and what I thought about catching the ball and just a few ideas like that.”

Largent lauded Baldwin for the passion he displays on the field.

“His competitive spirit,’’ he said. “I mean, nobody wants to win more than Doug Baldwin does. He’s a small receiver, but he makes big plays.’’

Baldwin says he studies a lot of wide receivers as a means to improve his play, but some advice Largent gave him really resonated.

“He mostly talked about focusing on catching the football,” he said. “It’s not necessarily about the physical aspects when people say receivers have a lot of drops or can’t catch the ball. It’s that they are not focusing on the right things. That their mind-set is not in the right spot.

“What I took from him is the techniques he utilized catching the football and being more efficient at it.’’

Baldwin finished the season with Baldwin finished with 78 receptions, seventh-most in team history. It looks like Largent’s advice paid huge dividends.